[Updated]: Top 10 free publications about shotcrete

[Updated]: Top 10 free publications about shotcrete

Sprayed concrete remains a leading support method for tunnel and underground mining, known for reducing material costs, its speed of application and, above all, the safe working environment it provides.

Used in several large-scale projects worldwide, such as the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world’s longest railway tunnel, or the transition to underground production at Chuquicamata mine; the following list features some of the most relevant, free publications about shotcrete.

It includes manuals and technical presentations among others, in order to provide you with an all-encompassing look at shotcrete, the support method that continues to gain traction globally.

If you feel that we’ve missed out on a key publication, please add a suggestion in the comments section below.

Top publications shotcrete- Putzmeister 1. Shotcrete Magazine

Shotcrete Magazine, the quarterly publication from the ASA (American Shotcrete Association) seeks to educate about and promote concrete spraying. Each issue features case studies, technical articles, industry news and other information about product launches.

The ASA’s webpage also has a browser function, and you can subscribe to the print edition of the magazine free of charge.

2. Shotcrete for Rock Support – A Summary Report on State-of-the-Art

This report from ITA (International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association), last updated in 2010, offers an overview on shotcrete technology across different countries. It provides specific detail regarding mix specification, shotcrete technology as well as equipment and application methods.

3. Shotcrete – Chilean Guide to Sprayed Concrete

Available only in Spanish

Revised in 2014, this guide published by the ICH (Instituto del Cemento y Hormigón de Chile – Chilean Concrete & Cement Institute) is authored by leading shotcrete experts including Sergio García Guzmán. It explains key topics from a practical point of view and presents them simply: whether you’re a novice or an expert, it should be very helpful.

4. Sprayed Concrete Handbook

English version 2011

Spanish version 2004

Putzmeister and Sika collaborated to create this concise introduction to shotcrete and its applications. In the English version, revised in 2011, authors Jürgen Höfler, Jürg Schlumpf y Markus Jahn, offer an introduction to ingredients, applications, methods and processes. With a great deal of detail, it should be a go-to for any type of doubt related to shotcrete.

5. Introduction to Sprayed Concrete

 The UK’s Sprayed Concrete Association (ASA) brings a quick introduction to the world of shotcrete through their new guide. Published in 2016, it covers the key benefits of shotcrete as a construction material, as well as offering a handy comparison between the dry and wet-mix process.

6. European Specification for Sprayed Concrete: Guidelines for Specifiers and Contractors 

EFNARC (Experts for Specialised Construction and Concrete Systems) develops guides and regulations about shotcrete in a bid to consolidate technical and professional standards. This 1999 guide runs through basics like ingredients, requirements for mix recipe and durability, the correct application method, test methods, quality controls and safety. In essence, it covers all the basics to ensure optimal results for your shotcrete.

7. Sprayed Concrete for Underground Excavations

This article from 2015 published in The Journal of the Southern Africa Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, reviews the use and control methodology for the correct application of shotcrete in underground mining.

8. Concreto Lanzado: en la Industria Minera

Available only in Spanish

This article from Mexico’s magazine Construcción Y Tecnología en Concreto (Construction & Technology in Concrete), describes the uses and applications of shotcrete in underground mining. Written by engineer Raul Bracamontes, it covers the current state of play as well as the evolution of this industry in Mexico.

9. Recommendations for the Design of Sprayed Concrete for Underground Support

The working group from France’s AFTES (Association Française des Tunnels et Espaces Souterrains – French Tunnels & Underground Space Association) co-wrote this paper, providing insight into shotcrete as a protective layer, as a structural layer and as a support ring. It describes each of the categories, alongside technical recommendations, requirements and mix design.

10. Shotcreting in Australia: Recommended Practice

 The AUSS (Australian Shotcrete Society), which promotes the use of shotcrete in the country, educates end users about its correct application. Last revised in 2010, it features recommended practice and technology descriptions for the different applications, while covering materials, recipe mix and specifications, and equipment.


If you’d like to find out more about shotcrete, check out our handy infographic, which lists ingredients, application methods and well as the material’s properties.



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