How much shotcrete can you save by employing a highly skilled operator? Find out here

How much shotcrete can you save by employing a highly skilled operator? Find out here

Training requirements for shotcrete operators are increasingly demanding, given the importance of this work onsite. A poor application technique not only generates greater shotcrete waste as it increases the rebound rate, but can also compromise the structural integrity of the site as well as workforce safety.

Simulator-based learning is one of the most highly-rated training techniques in industries such as aviation or the military. In the world of shotcrete, simulators allow for the unlimited practice of concrete spraying without actually incurring any extra costs related to the incorrect use of material, whether of shotcrete or the equipment itself.

3D simulation offers countless advantages as it immerses the shotcrete operator in a virtual environment that accurately reflects the conditions of a worksite albeit in a safe environment, as you can see in the following video.

Shotcrete operators & simulator technology 

Simulator technology tracks and monitors the operator’s skills development during each of the training sessions: the evaluates measures aspects such as the adhesion rate, the rebound rate or the excess generated, all the way to the spraying accuracy or the accelerant dosage.

This real-time performance data can be collected for analysis. A shotcrete operator can thus access his or her own personal file, helping new operators in the early learning stages while also supporting experienced ones to modify potential existing bad habits.

How much shotcrete can you save thanks to comprehensive training? 

Compiling the costs of misused material according to an operator’s skill can help measure the effectiveness of a/your training program. Data compiled from a variety of stakeholders by Edvirt shows that a highly skilled operator will apply 81% of the correctly, with only 19% used inadequately (including 8% rebound rate, 10% over-spraying and 1% potential fallout).

On the other hand, an operator with average skills will apply only 71% correctly, going down to 61% for a low-skilled operator- and corresponding misuse.

Calculate the cost of your project based on the skills of your operator

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