Survey: What’s your favourite blog post?

Survey: What’s your favourite blog post?

We create content with you in mind – it’s as simple as that. To keep our blog posts to your liking in the New Year, we’d be grateful if you could let us in on your favourite post from the ten standouts listed below.

We’ll use your response to gauge your preferences, so that we may continue to produce the quality content you’ve come to expect from Putzmeister Underground.

Thank you very much for participating!


1. What is shotcrete? [Infographic]

This was post was all about the fundamentals – a handy infographic loaded with information on the shotcrete process. From definition and ingredients to methods, applications and properties, this post has you covered.


2. How much shotcrete can you save by employing a highly skilled operator? Find out here

Remember when we wrote about Putzmeister’s simulator technology for shotcrete application and you couldn’t get enough? This was the post. Use the integrated calculator to find out how much you could save with a highly skilled shotcrete operator.


3. Concrete & mortar use in conventional tunneling: an introduction

A practical introduction on how to use concrete and mortar in conventional tunneling – from pre excavation efforts to primary and secondary linings, this post breaks it down for you. Check out the visual for a global picture of the process.


4. Did you know that… concrete can bend?

New technologies in the concrete world are always fascinating, and bendable concrete is no exception. This entry delves into previously uncharted waters and explores a new invention that’s bound to make a splash.


5. Sprayed Safety: How does mechanized concrete spraying increase safety underground?

As safety is everyone’s business, this post highlights the numerous security benefits of mechanized shotcrete over manual application. Which three main parameters of shotcreting must be aligned to achieve safety? Find out here.


6. Testing concrete: the flow table test [Video]

Who doesn’t enjoy a good video demonstration when learning something new? This post spotlights the flow table test, for testing shotcrete. Check it out for a step-by-step guide on how to measure the consistency of your concrete.


7. The logistics of shotcrete in underground mining

Logistics are never easy, and in the mining sector, much less so. This post analyzes the complex world of shotcrete logistics – in a format you can wrap your head around.


8. Nine rules for the art of shotcreting

Given that shotcreting is an art form in and of itself, here we’ve dedicated a blog post to teaching you how to master it. So grab a pen and paper, and get ready to put your knowledge to the test.


9. Advantages of mechanized wet-mix shotcreting in comparison to manual dry-mix spraying

Ever wonder why mechanized wet-mix shotcreting trumps manual dry-mix spraying? Check out this post to learn about the many advantages of the former in underground works.


10. Which concrete spraying equipment is the most cost-effecient for your project? 

Because the bottom line is always top of mind, this post will help you in choosing the most cost-effective equipment for your project. Can you say, ching-ching?



So if you could just follow this link and let us know where your loyalties lie, we’d be forever grateful. Thanks again!



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